Day in the Life of a Dovetail Service Project

What is a Dovetail® Service Project?

It is a good time to consider getting a Dovetail service project when…

1. The sample is ready, but you don’t seem to be able to get to it.  

2. You are uncertain of how to approach the experiment and are looking for help from an expert.  

3. It’s not worth your time to get a new technology up and running in your lab and would prefer to outsource. 

Whatever the reason, the Dovetail Services team is available to help your lab meet the needs of your research. Our dedicated team of scientists, experts in proximity ligation technology, offer a variety of Hi-C based services designed to meet the needs of scientists focused on genome assembly, epigenetics and human disease research. 

Check out this short video on “A Day in the Life of a Sample”


How to Get Started 

So, you’re potentially interested in sending samples to Dovetail for service. What is the process and what happens to your sample once it arrives? Continue reading and view our short two-minute video “A Day in the Life of a Sample” for more information. 


Choosing Your Service 

Consult directly with the Services Team or find the service of your choosing based upon the library type outlined in the table belowAt Dovetail, we know that our customer’s needs vary widely, therefore, we offer the ability to tailor a project specific to your study goals.

Setting Up Service 

Once we receive your purchase order, you will be assigned a dedicated Scientific Project Manager responsible for your project’s success. Detailed instructions on how to ship your precious samples to the Dovetail Services Lab will be provided. Rest assured, once your samples arrive, they will be logged into our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and tracked using a unique identifier through our entire process. 


Project Completion 

During your service project, your Project Manager will provide progress updates and let you know when completed. Upon completion, your data files will be transferred to you through a secure ftp server and, if your project includes delivery of libraries, those will be shipped to you. Our Service Team is dedicated to the success of your project and, should you have questions, are available to you at any point through the process. Now that you are more aware of Dovetail Services, how can we be of help? 


Footnote: At Dovetail, we are committed to providing all our genomics services during the current COVID-19 crisis. Our lab personnel are following all recommended safety guidelines, and, while we are at a lower staffing capacity than normal, projects are still being delivered in a timely manner. 

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