VariLink™ Technology - The new standard for detecting genetic variation

VariLink™ technology enables the most comprehensive view of genetic variation on a short-read NGS platform with a simple, streamlined workflow. Because phase information is preserved, VariLink™ technology delivers an unprecedented view of genetic variation that typically requires multiple assay types to achieve. The capture of long-range information in parallel with phase informative primary sequence enables the detection of large structural variants, SNPs, indels and CNAs in a simple NGS library preparation workflow. Genetic markers commonly detected using multiple assay formats can now be detected from a single NGS sequencing run saving time and effort.

Ideal for:

Capture more information with every sequencing run.

Short-read next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms are blind to genetic variants such as large SVs due to read-length limitations. VariLink NGS libraries capture long-range information through a next generation proximity ligation approach greatly expanding the types of genetic variants detectable. In addition, the datatype preserves phase information alongside the primary sequence enabling haplotype determination.

Simple workflow completed in a single day.

Fully compatible with existing short-read NGS platforms, VariLink libraries can be completed in a single working day. Starting with fresh frozen cells, sequencing ready libraries are ready in less than 6hrs.

Data compatible with common bioinformatic tools and approaches

Paired-end sequencing of VariLink libraries generates data that mimics the uniform coverage of standard shotgun libraries. Consequently, many standard data analysis tools (e.g. GATK) and approaches are compatible with the datatype. Cantata Bio customer support scientists are available to provide guidance on specific data analysis needs you may have.

Features and Benefits



Broad capture of large structural variants, SNPs, indels and CNAs

Most comprehensive view of genetic variation in a single assay

Can be deployed genome-wide or with targeted panels

Create an assay specifically tailored to your content needs

Enables capture of long-range SNP phase information alongside primary sequence

Minimize haplotype ambiguities. Fully phase across highly polymorphic regions such as HLA

Process samples in a single working day

Complete sample preparation within a typical laboratory work shift

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