We are Cantata Bio.

Delivering powerful, novel NGS-based products and services.

A multiomics tools company.

Our goal is to enable researchers and clinicians to solve tomorrow’s most challenging scientific problems, from human disease to agricultural sustainability.

Our key competencies include:
  • Unique long-range sequencing assays that deliver industry-leading genome assembly, phasing, chromatin structure and epigenomics.
Life is not one-dimensional. Your science shouldn’t be either.

How Can We Help You?

Researchers are using Cantata Bio’s unique methods to solve complex problems including chromatin topology analysis, small and large structural variant detection, de novo genome assembly, and haplotype phasing. Applications for Cantata Bio’s solutions span the fields of epigenetics, developmental biology, cancer research, evolutionary biology, metagenomics and more. Through our services, assay kits and platform solutions, Cantata Bio is ready to partner with you to elevate your research to a new level.

Microbial Profiling

Galileo™ ONE Workflow Solution

Easily bring metagenomic NGS (mNGS) technology in-house, providing greater flexibility and control over assay parameters without the need for bioinformatics expertise. The research-use-only Galileo ONE workflow leverages Illumina sequencing to deliver sample-to-report detection and quantification of over >1300 microbial species from a single low abundance sample such as plasma. Built-in controls plus cloud-based, proprietary analysis software enables users to easily generate reports for microbial identification, quantification, and QC for species of bacteria, fungi, parasites and DNA/RNA viruses implicated in over 99% of human infectious diseases.

Genome Assembly & Epigenetics

Dovetail® Kits & Services

The Dovetail® Brand has become synonymous with industry leading genome assembly and chromatin epigenetic solutions. Dovetail® proximity ligation solutions all use sequence-independent nucleases to deliver high resolution and uniform base coverage, and a novel dual cross-linking approach to enrich for long-range interactions. Choose from our optimized, reproducible, off the shelf Hi-C kits or consult with Dovetail® scientific experts to define your project and then sit back while we do the work for you. Empower your genome assembly and epigenetic projects with the next generation of Hi-C solutions.

Genetic Analysis Solutions

VariLink™ Technology

VariLink™ technology enables the most comprehensive view of genetic variation on a short-read NGS platform with a simple, streamlined workflow. The capture of long-range information in parallel with phase informative primary sequence enables the detection of large structural variants, SNPs, indels and CNAs, all in a simple NGS library preparation workflow of less than 6 hours. Because phase information is preserved, VariLink™ technology delivers an unprecedented view of genetic variation that typically requires multiple assay types to achieve.

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