Powering Genetic Variation

Capture the full extent of genetic variation from a single sequencing run including SNVs, variant phasing, CNVs, and large structural variants.

Powering Genetic Variation

Whether you are interested in species conservation, studying the intricacies of evolution or looking to improve the efficiencies of agriculatural biology, the assembly of a reference genome is commonly the first step in building a genetic understanding of your species of interest. Dovetail® Genomics continues to be the leading commercial provider of high quality genome assembly kits and services with over 900 publications referencing our solutions. Produce the highest quality assembly possible with ultra-long range and phase information enabled by Dovetail® Omni-C® technology.

Variant Phasing

The ability to resolve variant phase information is highly limited using standard NGS platforms due to the short reads they produce. While long read sequencing platforms do much better, they are not accessible to all. The lack of variant phase information for many datasets limits their utility in being able to:

• Distinguish compound heterozygotes
• Understand linkage disequilibrium patterns
• Identify disease causing variants
• Determine haplotypes

Dovetail proximity ligation libraries enable short read sequencers to capture long-range phase information alongside traditional genotypes. Break though the limits of your short read sequencer with the Dovetail VariLink assay (coming soon).

HLA Typing

The 3 Mbp human leukocyte antigen region (HLA) on chromosome 6 is responsible for encoding protein markers that enable the immune system to distinguish self from non-self. HLA plays key roles in:

• Infectious disease
• Transplant rejection
• Cancer
• Autoimmune disease

As the most highly polymorphic region in the human genome (containing over 30,000 possible alleles), the ability to capture phase information is key to being able to match haplotypes between individuals, tailor drugs to specific disease causing haplotypes and better prime the immune system to fight infection.

Dovetail Genomics is currently working with external partners for HLA typing and are open to solving your specific needs.

Structural Variant Detection

Chromosomal large structural rearrangements are associated with a variety of diseases from cancer to rare inherited diseases. These variants can take the form of translocations, inversions, duplications, and deletions. By their very nature, they are challenging to detect using today’s next generation sequencing platforms due to limited read length and continue to be a missing component to most NGS datasets.

Powered by our proprietory LinkPrep™ technology, the Dovetail VariLink™ assay offers a unique solution enabling the detection of known and unknown structural variants on short read sequencers. The Dovetail VariLink assay(coming soon) enables the user to go from sample to sequencer in a single day and is amenable to automation.
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