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Dovetail® TopoLink™ Kit

Accelerate Your Hi-C Studies

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Non-targeted Genome Topology

TopoLink™ Kit Video Overview

Unlock the Future of Hi-C Data Generation with the Dovetail® TopoLink Assay

Are you a researcher delving into genome-wide chromatin conformation using traditional Hi-C methods? If so, you'll want to explore the groundbreaking Dovetail TopoLink™ Assay. This innovative solution not only simplifies the Hi-C workflow but also tackles high Hi-C sequencing costs and uneven genomic coverage. And the best part? The entire process can be completed in just one day!

Sample to Sequencing Library – In Less than One Day

TopoLink Assays are the only complete solution that integrates proximity ligation with NGS library prep. Whether you are mapping A/B compartments, identifying TAD boundaries, or capturing chromatin loops, this Hi-C assay offers the fastest end-to-end workflow.

  • Accelerated workflow – sample to library in less than a day.
  • Reduced cost per datapoint – up to 12-fold lower than traditional Hi-C.
  • Improved signal-to-noise – detect more topological features.
  • Uniform sequence coverage – higher feature call accuracy.

Increase the Discovery Rate of Genomic Interactions Features

Dovetail® TopoLink™ data delivers unbiased and uniform genomic coverage, resulting in richer contact matrices and increased chromatin loop detection compared to Hi-C data.

Unbiased Genome Coverage Equals Improved Accuracy

The uniform sequence coverage generated by Dovetail® TopoLink™ libraries produces the most accurate chromatin interaction map possible. Where the non-uniform restriction enzyme site distribution associated with traditional Hi-C methods often skews signals, you can be confident in the position of interactions detected by the Dovetail TopoLink Assay.

Customer Testimonials

“I have found the Dovetail® TopoLink™ Kit to be easy to use and not affected by tissue or cell morphology. It’s been very well suited to my study of looping interactions compared to the other kits I have used.”
Benjamin Lebeau, Research Assistant, Nanyang Technological University

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