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Dovetail® Micro-C Kit

Get ultra-high resolution or decreased sequencing costs – it’s up to you

Ideal For:
Non-targeted Genome Topology
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Micro-C Kit Video Overview

Breaking the Resolution Barrier: New Workflows Defining Chromatin Architecture at the Nucleosome Level

From the creators of the Dovetail HiChIP and Micro-C assays respectively, Marco Blanchette (VP R&D) and Lisa Munding (Lead Scientist) will share their experiences and impetus for developing these game-changing assay kits for epigenetic research. Details on the how the kits work, their benefits and the ways they see these new technologies impacting genomic research will be shared.


Non-targeted Genome Topology

Capture the full breadth of chromatin topology with a genome wide approach producing the most extensive view of 3D chromatin architecture.

E-P Interactions

Interested in enhancer-promoter interactions. Reduce your sequencing cost and boost your signal-to-noise by focusing just those interactions occurring at known gene promoters using Dovetail’s purpose-built hybrid capture pan promoter panel.

Hybrid Capture Compatible

Want to customize your focus? Dovetail® Micro-C libraries are compatible with standard and custom hybrid capture panels from other sources.

The Benefits of Using The Micro-C Kit

The MNase Advantage
The Dovetail Micro-C Kit uses micrococcal nuclease (MNase) to generate highly uniform fragments that uniquely capture nucleosome positioning information while still maintaining an even coverage across the genome. The benefit is increased mapping resolution aligned with the unit of chromatin, that is, the nucleosome.

Unlock the 3D genome architecture at the nucleosome level and start discovering the epigenetic answers you’ve been looking for.
Reduce Sequencing Burden
The ability to detect higher-order features, such as chromatin loops, in proximity ligation data is dependent on enriching long-range informative reads to capture chromatin interaction frequency. The Dovetail Micro-C Kit only requires 800 M reads to get 1 kb matrices compared to the 1.2-1.6 billion reads required by restriction enzyme-based Hi-C methods. Translation? Significant sequencing savings for you.

Customer Testimonials

“The Dovetail® Micro-C Kit transformed how I approach my research. It is enabling the analysis of distal chromatin interactions that are critical to developing a full understanding of human disease.”
Dr. Yasuhiro Murakawa - Team Leader, RIKEN-IFOM Joint Laboratory for Cancer Genomics and Professor - Kyoto University

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Validated Samples
Mammalian cells
Chromatin conformation analysis
Module 1 of 2 – storage
2°C to 8°C
Module 1 of 2 – content
TE Buffer, pH 8.0
10x Wash Buffer
TWB Solution
2x NTB Solution
LWB Solution
NWB Solution
Chromatin Capture Beads
Crosslink Reversal Buffer
Streptavidin Beads
10x RBC Lysis Buffer
20% SDS
Research Use Only
Module 2 of 2 – storage
-30°C to -10°C
Module 2 of 2 – content
MNase Enzyme Mix
10x Nuclease Digest Buffer
100 mM MgCl2
0.5 M EGTA
End Polishing Enzyme Buffer
End Polishing Enzyme Mix
Intra-Aggregate Ligation Buffer
Intra-Aggregate Ligation Enzyme Mix
5x Bridge Ligation Buffer
5x Bridge Ligation (T4 DNA Ligase)
Proteinase K
250 mM DTT
HotStart PCR Ready Mix

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