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Cantata Bio thrives on transformative partnerships, enhancing our impact on science and disease understanding. We invite external organizations to explore our genomics collaborations. Uncover synergies and join us in shaping the future together.
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Why Cantata Bio?

Our technology enables long-range sequence information to be captured using short-read next generation sequencers (NGS). The long-range, unbiased nature of the data opens many new applications not typically accessible with a short-read platform, offering a richer view of the genome from every sequencing run.
Emerging Application Areas Include:
  • Long-range haplotype phasing
  • HLA typing
  • Genetic analysis including detection of large structural variants
  • 3D chromatin architecture offering a new and, as yet, untapped biomarker source

How We Work With Our Partners

We Are Open to Working With You in the Following Ways:
  • Strategic alliances
  • Co-development efforts
  • Out-licensing
  • Distribution agreements
  • Co-marketing

Current Partners

Researchers are using Cantata Bio’s unique methods to solve complex problems including chromatin topology analysis, small and large structural variant detection, de novo genome assembly, haplotype phasing, and microbial detection. Applications for Cantata Bio’s solutions span the fields of epigenetics, developmental biology, cancer research, evolutionary biology, metagenomics and more. Through our services, assay kits and platform solutions, Cantata Bio is ready to partner with you to elevate your research to a new level.

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