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2024 APRU-EBPHK Joint International Conference
February 15 – 17, 2024
Yasumoto International Academic Park, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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The Allied Genetics Conference 2024
March 6–10, 2024
Washington, DC
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NextGen Omics US 2024
March 21 – 22, 2024
Boston, MA
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Chromatin Biology in Cancer_EMBO
April 23 -26, 2024
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Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF)
April 21 - 25, 2024
Minneapolis, MN
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AGBT – Agricultural Meeting
April 15 - 17, 2024
Phoenix, AZ
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April 5 - 10, 2024
San Diego
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Enabling Non-Model Genomics Through de novo Genome Assembly

Ellie Armstrong, Ph.D. Candidate Stanford University

High-Quality Genome Assemblies for Non-Model Organisms

Richard Green, Ph.D. UCSC

Disruptive Technologies Improving Disease Resistance in Crop Plants

Richard Michelmore, Ph.D. UC Davis

Sequencing & Assembling the Mega-Genomes of Mega-Trees

Steven Salzberg, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

Enabling Anolis Lizard Evolutionary Genomics

Anthony Geneva, Ph.D. Drexel University

The Genes in the Beans: Tools to Improve Coffee Breeding

Susan Strickler, Ph.D. Boyce Thompson Institute

Chromosome Length Scaffolds of the lxodes scapularis Genome

Monika Gulia-Nuss, Ph.D. University of Nevada, Reno

Assembling a Reference-Quality Genome for Solemya velum (Bivalvia: Protobranchia)

Vanessa L. González, Ph.D. Smithsonian Institution

We generated a reference-quality genome Solemya velum (Bivalvia: Protobranchia) to allow us to test hypotheses about mollusc genome evolution and the symbiotic interactions in marine molluscs. 10X Genomics, PacBio Long-reads and Hi-C data was leveraged for molluscan genome assembly. Iterations and combinations of each data type have resulted in a 2.4 GB reference genome with a scaffold N50 of 200 MB and a BUSCO completeness score of 93.7%.

Directed Evolution of Genome Assemblies – and Why it is Important

Harris Lewin, Ph.D.UC Davis

Trace the directed evolution of 28 genome assemblies of the Narwhal, an iconic cetacean known at the “unicorn of the sea”. While understanding the evolution and amazing phenotypes of the Narwhal is the ultimate goal, the evolution of genome assemblies from short-read to long read-based assemblies with Dovetail scaffolding has been an interesting scientific journey in itself. Different sequencing approaches will be discussed in the light of genome assembly evolution, and their importance for understanding genome biology.

Linking Sequence Variation to Chromatin Dynamics through Genome Topology

Cory Padilla, Ph.D. Dovetail Genomics

Key discussion points:
– The role of genome conformation in gene regulation
– Why integrating conformation data with genotyping data can provide a more complete view of variants
– How to capture variants (SNVs and structural variants) with conformation in a single sequencing library

Dovetail® Webinars

Ask The Experts: Demystifying Hi-C Data Normalization

Presented by:

Dr. Myriam El Khawand, Head of Customer Success 
Dr. Jonathon Torchia, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist
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