Genome Assembly

The assembly of a reference genome is commonly the first step in building a genetic understanding of your species of interest.

Powering Genome Assembly

Whether you are interested in species conservation, studying the intricacies of evolution or looking to improve the efficiencies of agriculatural biology, the assembly of a reference genome is commonly the first step in building a genetic understanding of your species of interest. Dovetail Genomics continues to be the leading commercial provider of high quality genome assembly kits and services with over 900 publications referencing our solutions. Produce the highest quality assembly possible with ultra-long range and phase information enabled by Dovetail Omni-C technology.

Diploid Assembly

The tools available for capturing genomic information have evolved dramatically over the past decade, yet human, plant and animal reference genomes remain primarily haploid due to a lack of phase information. True diploid assembly is an enriched data set that enables a more complete understanding of critical genetic events such as species hybridization, cis versus trans mutations, allele-specific expression, structural variation, linkage disequilibrium patterns, segmental duplications, complex gene families, and much more.

The Dovetail® Omni-C® Kit powers true diploid assembly through shot-gun sequence coverage and the ability to accurately phase SNPs genome wide enabling the production of fully scaffolded haplotypes. Either purchase the kit for use in your own lab or take advantage of our comprehensive services offerings and the expertise our services team has developed from working with hundreds of diverse taxa.

Of course, a genome assembly is only as good as your understanding of the genetic blueprint contained within. Genome annotation is a complex, laborious and time consuming exercise, particularly without a closely related reference genome. Get ahead of the game by adding a Dovetail® Genome Annotation service to your project.

Polyploid Assembly

Polyploids are the most challenging genomes to assemble, yet, many species of great importance to the evolution, conservation and agricultural biology communties fall into this category. Since polyploid genomes contain multiple homologous chromosomes, this makes it challening to distinguish between the different copies. Polyploid organisms can carry multiple alleles for each gene, each differing in sequence. Resolving these allelic variants accurately is critical to understanding phenotype and requires additional phasing information during the assembly process.

Due to these challenges, polyploid genome assemblies have been out of reach for all but the most experienced labs. Even then, the results commonly are unable to capture the full complexity.

Leveraging the information rich Dovetail® Omni-C® data, a datatype that captures primary sequence, long-range contacts and SNP phase information in a single sequencing run, and a state-of-the-art assembly pipeline, Dovetail® Genomics is successfully assembling genomes for a wide assortment of polyploid species.

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