Dovetail® Proximity Ligation

Dovetail Products and Services have become synonymous with industry leading genome assembly, epigenetics and variant detection solutions. Our proximity ligation solutions use sequence-independent nucleases to deliver the highest resolution and most uniform base-coverage, and a novel dual cross-linking approach to maximize capture of long-range interactions.

The Dovetail® Workflow

The Dovetail® Difference

Traditional Hi-C uses restriction enzymes to fragment the chromatin. Due to the non-random distribution of restriction enzyme cut sites, this introduces bias into the data resulting in uneven read coverage and signal shifting. Dovetail approaches eliminate this bias by using sequence independent fragmentation approaches.

Capture More of the Genome

Highly uniform coverage of the genome overcomes sequence gaps present in traditional Hi-C data due to low restriction site density.
Benefit: Capture more information across more of the genome.

More Accurately Capture Biology

Traditional Hi-C is biased by restriction enzyme motif location, which can distort identified features. Use of sequence independent enzymes eliminates this bias.
Benefit: More accurate calling of genomic features such as chromatin topology.

Reduce Experimental Cost

Unsurpassed signal-to-noise reduces sequencing cost and requires less sample compared to traditional Hi-C.
Benefit: Significant savings on sequencing and sample preparation costs without compromising experimental discoveries.

Scaleable Analytics

Self serve and full-service options built on years of experience working with 3D genomics data. Our analytic solutions scale to the needs of any lab.
Benefit: Fuel your research with actionable biological insights.
Chromatin Topology
Whole Genome Ultra
High-Resolution Topology
Whole Genome Rapid
High-Resolution Topology
Protein Anchored Topology
Enhancer Promoter Interactions
Genetic Variation
Large Structural
Variant Detection
Haplotype Phasing
Genetic Genome Assembly
Genome Scafolding
Hybrid Capture Compatible
Dovetail Assay
Pan Promoter
* Workflow also requires the Dovetail® Micro-C Kit
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