Bioinformatics Services

Whether you are adding our bioinformatics services to a service project or to your own data generated using Dovetail® Kits, we can get you answers. Our services are compatible with Dovetail® Micro-C, Dovetail® HiChIP and Dovetail® Pan Promoter Panel datasets.

Complete Bioinformatics Solutions Enabling  Sample to Insight

Why Use Our Bioinformatics Service

Chromatin Conformation Capture experts

Our bioinformatics team specializes in 3D genomics analysis

Verified workflows

We employ peer-reviewed tools to lower the barrier to you getting your work published

Biological Insights

Our approaches uncover gene regulation mechanics, disease pathogenesis and treatment mode of action

Flexible services

We work closely with you to understand your 
research objectives and match you with the 
appropriate resources

Timely Results

Our optimized pipelines leverage 
high-performance cloud computing enabling rapid processing 
of large datasets

Analysis Stages and Deliverables

When available, our service utilizes established, robust, and peer reviewed tools to deliver high-quality, verified results compatible with common genome browsers (e.g. UCSC and IGV). Our capabilities span the following areas:
Primary Analysis – fastq to contact matrix
Alignment(.bam), coverage (.bigwig), valid pairs (.pairs), matrix (.cool & .hic), QC stats (.txt), Secondary Analysis – feature calling
A/B compartments (.bed), TADs (.bed), Loops (.bedpe)
Tertiary Analysis – annotation and biological relevance
Annotated Interactions (.bedpe), GO summary (.txt)
Comparative Analysis – statistical comparison between two conditions
Statistical differenated contacts (.bedpe), annotated differential contacts (.bedpe), GO summary (.txt)
Consulting Services – Can’t find what you need in our standard pipeline. Get the exact analysis solution for your research needs working with our bioinformatics experts.


How It Works

As with all Dovetail® services you’ll get a designated Scientific Project Manager who will work with you to understand your goals and help define an analysis solution that answers your biological questions.
Bundle with our Dovetail® library preparation services or send in your own sequence data generated from a kit with prepackaged analysis options to quickly move from raw data to processing, feature calling, and annotation. If your research questions require custom analysis, we can provide our expertise through consulting to generate user-defined deliverables to get to publication-ready figures and analyses.
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