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A high-quality blue whale genome, segmental duplications, and historical demography

YV Bukhman, et al., Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2024, February

Reference genome of the bicolored carpenter ant, Camponotus vicinus

PS Ward, et al., Journal of Heredity, 2024, January

Hookworms dynamically respond to loss of Type 2 immune pressure

AA Ferguson, et al., PLOS Pathogens, 2023, December

Margaritiferidae: from"" pearls"" to genomes

AMG dos Santos, University of Porto (Dissertation), 2023, na

Clapper rail demography and population genomics

EC Elizondo, University of Delaware, 2023, na

Tracing cancer evolution and heterogeneity using Hi-C

DD Erdmann-Pham, et al., Nature, 2023, November

Genome architecture of an exceptionally invasive copepod crossing salinity boundaries

Z Du, et al., Research Square (Preprint), 2023, September

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