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Hi-C, Micro-C
Running a Dovetail® Assay – Part 1
What’s Involved In Running A Dovetail Hi-C Assay? (Part 1) So you are interested in bringing Hi-C into your lab!...
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Going Beyond ChIP-seq
‘Tis the holiday season and whether or not you’re awaiting a visit from that tubby fella with the white beard,...
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Genome Assembly, Hi-C, Micro-C
Day in the Life of a Dovetail Service Project
What is a Dovetail® Service Project? It is a good time to consider getting a Dovetail service project when… 1....
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Hi-C, Micro-C
How to get the most out of your 3C assay sequence
Chromatin conformation capture (3C) assays have been used for ~20 years to elucidate complex folding of genomic sequence in three-dimensional space.
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Genome Assembly
Darter Fish: Customer Spotlight
Researchers studying non-model organisms have an increasing number of methods available for generating genomic data. However, the applicability of different...
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