Dovetail Genomics Launches AssemblyLink™ Assay, Unlocking Faster Access, More Accurate Genomes for Biodiversity Research

The Dovetail AssemblyLink Assay empowers researchers to assemble high-quality genomes in record time, accelerating efforts to conserve Earth’s incredible biodiversity

BOSTON, MASS., May 30, 2024Dovetail Genomics today announces the Dovetail® AssemblyLink™ Assay, a transformative genomics tool designed to redefine the standards of speed and quality in genomic assembly. Built upon Dovetail’s core LinkPrep™ Technology, the AssemblyLink Assay streamlines the genome assembly process by rapidly generating Hi-C-like libraries. Based on its compelling features and benefits, it is expected to be the kit of choice for genome scaffolding in high-throughput biodiversity labs running a wide variety of species.

Distinct from traditional Hi-C methods, which typically require two to three days to progress from sample to sequencing library, the AssemblyLink Assay cuts this workflow down to a single day.  Additionally, it delivers highly uniform sequence coverage facilitating critical variant phasing that enables the production of true haplotype-resolved assemblies. Moreover, this unique attribute offers an easier path to chromosome-scale assembly of higher ploidy genomes. This advanced capability set ensures the most accurate genome representations for species of interest, enabling researchers to compile genomes of the highest quality more rapidly.

“We are proud to be equipping researchers with advanced tools crucial for their work during this critical period of biodiversity loss.” commented Matt Easterday, CEO of Dovetail Genomics, part of Cantata Bio LLC. “AssemblyLink accelerates the research process and significantly improves the accuracy of the genomic data, facilitating deeper insights into genetic diversity and aiding in the preservation of the genetic heritage of numerous species.”

Today, consortia are charged with the ambitious goal of preserving the earth’s genetic biodiversity in the face of rapid species extinction via efforts to catalog thousands of species. The AssemblyLink Assay significantly bolsters these efforts by empowering researchers and consortia to achieve faster, more informative assemblies, enhancing critical conservation work. The development of the AssemblyLink Assay underscores Dovetail Genomics’ unwavering commitment to innovation in the genome assembly sector and its continued support of the critical mission of global consortia. Through various research collaborations and an early access program, Dovetail Genomics has partnered with many leading institutions.

“We’re thrilled to onboard the Dovetail AssemblyLink kit.” Remarked Dr. Adrianne Doran, Scientific Officer of The Minderoo OceanOmics Centre at UWA. “We are using Dovetail Hi-C preps to scaffold whole genome assemblies of marine vertebrate species, as we create a comprehensive library of high-quality reference genomes. The refined workflow will decrease hands-on time in the lab and increase sequencing throughput. The reduced input requirements from fresh frozen animal tissue means we can now tackle even the smallest specimens without compromising sequencing quality or complexity.”

Furthermore, Dr. Meiyeh Jade Lu, Core Manager, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica shared “We are pleased to be among the early sites piloting the Dovetail AssemblyLink Kit in our laboratory. The process of the library preparations is smooth, and the new tagmentation chemistry renders the extent of chromatin digestion more controllable. We are very excited about the scaling potential that the assay unlocks due to its rapid and less tedious workflow.”

Researchers can now transform samples into libraries within a single shift, a key need in the genome assembly space. The AssemblyLink Assay is also automation-ready, perfectly suited for high-throughput settings, enhancing productivity and scalability. Moreover, the assay ensures high-quality data by capturing phase information, facilitating haplotype-resolved genomes and accurate species representation. Its enhanced accessibility requires as little as 5 mg of tissue, expanding the scope of research possibilities.

“We are very excited by the capabilities of the AssemblyLink Kit. It takes just one day to go from sample preparation to sequencing for a novel de novo assembly or for high-resolution 3D genomic interactions. This efficiency will have a great impact, cutting down the process from three days to one without compromising on deliverables.” asserted Dhanya Sooraj, Senior Scientist – Innovation and Development at the Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF). “At the Australian Genome Research Facility, where we strive to provide premium customer services, we can’t wait to test it further.” 

Additionally, Ave Tooming-Klunderud, Lab and Project manager at Norwegian Sequencing Centre and Biodiversity Genomics Europe participant commented “The EU-funded project Biodiversity Genomics Europe aims to create a decentralized infrastructure in Europe with a crucial component of reference genome sequencing that aims to generate around 500 genomes representing European eukaryotic biodiversity. Having a workflow that scales will be important to achieving this goal. We are excited about the speed and quality of data promised by the new Dovetail AssemblyLink Assay and look forward to the opportunity to apply it within the project.”

Likewise, Olga Vinnere Pettersson, Scientific Lead for Planetary Biology, Science for Life Laboratory explained “SciLifeLab is the Swedish center of excellence in molecular biosciences with a broad technology portfolio to support research in biology. We are thankful for the support provided by Dovetail Genomics and looking forward to adding the new Dovetail AssemblyLink Assay to our tool kit for reference genome generation. It fits the goals of the SciLifeLab Planetary Biology Capability in helping to advance biodiversity genomics research in Sweden and abroad.”

The Dovetail® AssemblyLink™ Kit integrates seamlessly into Dovetail’s kit portfolio, offering a solution that significantly reduces the time required for genome assembly while maintaining the high data quality that customers expect from Dovetail’s Omni-C® technology. The kit is available immediately for researchers and organizations worldwide for use with mammalian, fish, and insect samples, promising to set new benchmarks in genomic research efficiency and quality. Dovetail is actively working to expand utility to accommodate the full breadth and depth of samples of interest to the community. It expects to release additional sample types over the coming months.

About Dovetail Genomics

Dovetail Genomics, a subsidiary of Cantata Bio and an Edenroc Sciences company, is a leading provider of genomics solutions focused on understanding the complex organization of the genome. Through Dovetail Genomics’ proprietary proximity ligation technologies, the 3D architecture of the genome is captured alongside primary sequence information using standard next-generation sequencing (NGS) approaches. Researchers are using Dovetail Genomics’ unique methods to solve complex problems including chromatin topology analysis, small and large structural variant detection, de novo chromosome assembly, haplotype phasing, and microbiome analysis in the fields of epigenetics, developmental biology, cancer research, evolutionary biology and more. For more information on Dovetail, its technology, and service offerings, visit Follow Dovetail on X/Twitter: @DTGenomics.

Media Contact
Vikki Herrera

Oak Street Communications for Dovetail Genomics

*photo provided courtesy of SciLifeLab Genomics

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